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1 [Guidelines] Forum Review on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:30 pm

Forum Review Template

1. The forums can be any type of forums: Forumotion, phpbb, Vbulletin etc.
2. Bumping your request within a 24-hour waiting period is not permitted.
3. After a Review has been tagged, you are no longer allowed to bump your thread, unless inactive for 3 days.
4. If you don't use the proper requesting format your thread will be locked.
5. Forums should be only in English.
6. You must be a staff member of your forum.

Full Review ~ Forum Posts: 100 ll Forum Members: 45+
Two Area Review ~ Forum Posts: 50 ll Forum Members: 25+
One Area Review ~ Forum Posts: 15-25 ll Forum Members: 15+

Please create a thread with the following information filled.
[color=green][b]Name of the Forum:[/b][/color] Infos Here
[b][color=green]url:[/b][/color] Infos Here
[b][color=green]Type of Review (Do not Edit):[/b][/color] Infos Here
[b][color=green]Your Name on the board:[/b][/color] Infos Here
[b][color=green]Additional Comments: [/color][/b] Infos Here

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