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1 General Rules & Guidelines on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:46 am

Hello Members!

Please read the rules carefully before posting!

General Rules

~ No racism or hatred against others.

~ Any reports on bugs must be reported to an administrator immediately. Contact an administrator.

Posting Rules:

~ When posting, do not double/triple post. You will be warned by a staff member. Do not spam or flood topics.

~ Do not advertise in the forums. We have created specific forums for that.

~ Do not use bold or colored text. We prohibit this because it is reserved for staff to allow them to moderate.

~ We do allow cursing, but please keep it at a minimum and please do not direct it to a user. You will be warned if you direct it to a user or staff.

~ Please do not cause any flame wars or drama when posting. Drama is for the theatre, not here.

~ Please respect everyone no matter what their question, answer, or discussion is about.

~ When your problem / question is solved, please EDIT > click on the solved icon > and submit. This will allow staff to realize that a post needs to be locked and/or archived.

Registration Rules:

~ When registering, please do not use any inappropriate language in your username. Staff can ask you to change your name, or contact an administrator into changing your account username.

After you are banned, you are allowed to create 1 more account. But be advised that you will receive a 50% warning level because you were already banned.

Private messaging:

~ Spamming or advertising through PM is much frowned upon. If a user is reported spamming in PM's, they will receive 1 warning. If a user is caught advertising through PMing, they will receive an IP ban.

~ Sending pornographic images, account details, or location addresses will result in a ban.

These forum rules can be modified at any moment, so we invite you to read them once in a while.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.

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